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Of prisoners will be back in prison within one year of their release, and over 53% within three years.
2.7 M
Children in the US have a parent in the prison system.
We have 70% success rate in helping people reintegrate into society after prison.
We mentor men and women before, during, and after prison.
In the nine years that The Prisoner's Hope has been in existence, they have helped more than 1,000 men and women.
Unless some sort of intervention takes place you as a KY taxpayer will continue to pay the bill for not only first-time offenders but recidivists as well
can be involved in the critical work of Prisoners Hope by donating or volunteering.

Our Mission

The Prisoner’s Hope (TPH) partners side-by-side with men, women, and their families prior to, throughout, and after incarceration with unique programs of holistic care. Our goals reach beyond curbing recidivism. TPH’s mentoring and counseling services, our two-year prior-to-release set of requisites, and our post-incarceration conditions are transforming individuals, changing the trajectory of lives, and healing families.

What We Do

TPH has four, overarching and interconnected programs that focus on offenders and their families’ unmet needs and provides an organized roadmap and a plan for transformation. There is not a “one size fits all” solution. We assess the individual, prioritizing the greatest need, plan a strategy and go from there. TPH’s ministry touches every facet of an individual—spiritual, physical, and emotional.

Prior to Incarceration

The time leading up to incarceration is often full of fear, anxiety, and confusion. This is especially true for first time offenders and their families. TPH’s experienced volunteers and mentors help our mentees and their families prepare for the unknown and help navigate and better understand a complex legal and judicial system. During this time, we earn the trust of families and require accountability and ownership from our mentees. Our Executive Director Darryll Davis’ shared experience and testimony is key to earning confidence.

During Incarceration

TPH mentorship happens in-person, if visitation is an option and, via email. The accountability we require of our mentees is rigorous and includes participation in the D.A.N.I.E.L. Project*, an inmate-led, copyrighted curriculum developed by TPH founder Darryll Davis, along with ongoing bible study, personal responsibility, and weekly chapel attendance. Furthermore, all mentees must complete their GED, MRT (Moral Recognition Therapy) and Life Skills classes and at least one, 2-year vocational certification. A demonstrated dedication to spiritual and educational success is the foundation of transformation.

*The D.A.N.I.E.L. Project is required for incarcerated mentees who are leading other mentees in church.

Planning for Release and Post-Incarceration

Immediately upon release, we meet our mentee with critical integrated needs, both literally and figuratively. TPH pays the mentees first month of transitional housing and provide transportation to all appointments. We also purchase work attire, and we provide computer skills and counseling as needed. There are items that we help provide that are paramount to beginning a smooth transition back into society which include, but are not limited to:

  • Food, bedding and towels, seasonally appropriate clothing, shoes and outerwear.
  • Proper identification, a pre-paid phone card and cell phone.
    A meal and transportation to transitional housing along with a bus pass.
  • Personal hygiene items to properly care for themselves.
  • Often, something that is just for them that they can take comfort in, like a stuffed animal.

TPH helps mentees with job placement and associated transportation. With secure employment and demonstrated accountability we will also help mentees with more permanent housing such as securing an apartment, furnishing with donations, and providing linens, kitchen items, etc. Accountability is demonstrated through our mentees not reoffending, being active in church and worship, staying employed, keeping up family connections and staying engaged with us.

Children and Families

Children are truly the “orphans” of justice, suffering the trauma, primarily during elementary school age, of a parent who is or has been incarcerated. In fact, Kentucky has the second highest rate of children with a parent who is currently or was previously incarcerated. TPH provides children and families with the three facets of holistic healing and care—spiritual, physical, and emotional. Counseling with a licensed, clinical social worker is available at no charge to children and family members. Finding, scheduling, and paying the cost of counseling removes huge barriers to healing and recovery. TPH works to stabilize a child’s anger, anxiety, and confusion through counseling and with our “Confident Kid’s” curriculum. We also provide support groups and help meet families’ basic needs like rental and utility assistance, car repairs and help with certain bills.

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Ministry Partners

Grounds for Hope Coffee

Grounds for Hope Coffee was inspired by the needs we see day-to-day in the families of the incarcerated, especially the children. There are so many ways these families are financially affected, such as through legal bills accrued, basic needs for their children diminished, homes lost, etc. All profits go to this ministry and our efforts in helping those so gravely affected by the incarceration of a loved one. When you purchase Grounds for Hope Coffee, there is indeed hope in every cup.