3rd Quarter Newsletter

Published On: October 5, 2023|Categories: Newsletter|

School Supplies, Clothes, and Shoes

Families are a priority for care in our ministry since they are thrown into a state of chaos when their family member becomes incarcerated. Emotionally they are in turmoil, financially they’ve lost an income, and the remaining parent may need to find new employment and more affordable housing. Because of generous donors and our partnership with Northeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY, we were able to provide many well-deserving kiddos with Back to School necessities! One of our families commented, “…this was totally unexpected. So grateful. So grateful to God for everything you all do for us and grateful too for the constant love you share. We love you.”

Basic Needs: Food

Greg and a mentor shopped at Kroger for necessities after release!

Hygiene & Bedding Drive

Supporters sent in Amazon List items for our mentees.

Mentor Training

Mentors recently learned how to set up supportive alliances with and for their mentees.

Help in Time of Need

Les became a mentor September of 2022. What began with writing letters and encouraging an incarcerated brother in Christ, has lead to beautiful friendships he never could have planned. “I thought I couldn’t mentor for 72 years, but I stepped out after listening to Darryll’s story and never looked back. I took my first mentee on a year ago, and in December I asked for another. When Ronald came along, I asked for him after seeing the need, and that was a pretty emotional day.” Les shared.

Post incarceration mentoring and volunteering also makes a huge impact in someone’s life. But for Les, it has been a blessing in his life as well. He began by taking Ronald to apply for a state ID, food stamps, setting up email and a phone, and applying for employment. Because of that boost of help in the first
few months, Les has seen his friend Ronald succeed. “He gets up at 4:30 am and rides a bike for 2 hours then works both a day and evening job for other
people painting. He doesn’t sit down and wait for someone to find him a job, he found them all on his own.” Les also encouraged Ronald to open a savings
account, and Ronald set one up immediately. He’s already seeing the benefits of that, because Ronald is purchasing his first car.

Others have been blessed by Les’ heart for volunteering, as he has spent a lot of time with another returned citizen during a health crisis, and will soon be going to visit one of his incarcerated mentees, Johnny, for the first time. “I get emotionally involved with them. For 8 weeks I took Keith to get his treatment every week and got to know him…and it means the world to mentees to talk to them on the phone or write letters. Writing letters is a treat, and going to see him will be a treat; I want to meet him.”

Les’ heart is in the work he does for his mentees and it encourages others to go deeper in their relationships with their mentees as well. If you are interested in
mentoring, email Glenda@theprisonershope.life. Les is pictured on the left with Ronald, when Les and his wife drove Ronald to visit his family for a  funeral.


This past session in Frankfort, TPH teamed up with 29 other community partners, prosecutors, law enforcement, and legislatures to unanimously pass HB 353. In June, this was made a reality when Beshear signed it into law. This bill decriminalized Fentanyl testing strips, provides awareness and educational resources pertaining to Fentanyl, and will ultimately save lives of Kentuckians.

We would love to hear your mentee, mentor, volunteer, or donor story! To share a few sentences or a few paragraphs, please email lindsey@theprisonershope.life.

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