4th Quarter Newsletter

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Mentee Story: Chicano Dews

Fifty years old and released after serving time since his youth, Chicano finds himself navigating the unfamiliar landscape of re-entry in California, a world away from his Kentucky home. Yet, the years behind bars weren’t solely defined by confinement. Instead, Chicano actively sought self-improvement, engaging in recovery programs and becoming a mentor to younger offenders. He used his own experiences to guide them towards positive change, reminding them of the ripple effect their actions had on loved ones and communities.

Though physically distant from his Kentucky roots, Chicano is far from alone. A dedicated network of family, friends, and the TPH program provide unwavering support, a testament to the enduring power of connection. This support proves invaluable as he navigates the challenges of re-entry.

Chicano’s current work with the homeless population draws deeply from his past experiences as a Peer Support Specialist. He understands their struggles firsthand, approaching them with a unique blend of empathy and compassion. He doesn’t simply see individuals on the margins; he sees potential, offering guidance and connecting them with resources to empower them towards building a brighter future.

His journey isn’t solely about personal growth; it’s about returning to society as a contributing member. Meeting parole hinges on his ability to demonstrate financial stability, sobriety, and stable housing – key milestones that pave the way for his eventual return to Louisville, where his family eagerly awaits him.

Finally free, Chicano’s first holidays were filled with warmth and connection. Messages poured in from loved ones, and an old friend even invited him to spend Christmas with his family. Despite initial hesitation, the genuine welcome and acceptance he received were deeply moving, a reminder of the importance of belonging.

Beyond personal connections, Chicano credits a mentor named John and his faith for playing pivotal roles in his transformation. John, through shared Bible study, helped Chicano see things differently, reconnect with his estranged brother, and ultimately rediscover his faith. This journey of introspection brought solace and renewed purpose.

As Chicano looks to the future, his gratitude overflows for John’s mentorship, the unwavering support of TPH, and the love he receives from his network. Meeting The Prisoner’s Hope family remains a top priority upon his return, an opportunity to connect with others who share similar experiences and offer his own support. Chicano’s journey is far from over, but his resilience, dedication, and the support he receives offer a powerful testament to the possibility of positive change and second chances.

Wrap Up

In 2023, we expanded our pre-incarceration initiatives to address the root causes of incarceration, collaborating with local community leaders and advocacy groups in Frankfort, KY.

We’ve also counseled individuals and families facing incarceration and are there to support them with employment, mental health, and future mentorship. We’ve found that empowering at-risk individuals to make informed choices reduces the likelihood of families falling apart, as well as recidivism after a loved one’s release. This year we covered nearly 200 counseling sessions with licensed professionals.

This year we welcomed 37 new mentees, totaling 195, and added 29 new mentors, totaling 105. We are in all of Kentucky’s prisons and most jails, and prisons in California, New Jersey, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, and Tennessee.


Keith recently passed his driver’s license test, purchased a car, and received certification to be a Peer Mentor Specialist.

Our very own Selena was awarded the Michael T. White (Love You More) Award from Seeds of New Life Recover Boldly. We see her heart every day for loving on people the world tends to forget and giving them a voice, as she works so hard to do in Frankfort, KY. It is wonderful that others also see her effort in her mission.

Assisting Families Over the Holidays

This year we were blessed to provide Turkey dinners to 15 families and 8 individuals because of wonderful partners like the Strength in Christ Bible study group and J Wagner Group. Northeast Christian also provided a fantastic dinner for families in our program at our offices. It was a joyous time to celebrate the birth of Christ together as members of the TPH family and have great fellowship together. Many groups came together to supply Christmas gifts for children and even parents in our program. We are so thankful for the Women’s Networking Group, Olivia Cleans, NECC Men’s Group, Lane 13 Consulting, SECC Sojourn Group, and Fairdale Christian Celebrate Recovery. Over the year we’ve seen our family program grow since there is so much need in our communities. We were able to provide counseling, vehicles, rental and utility assistance, and more for those in our program!

December Mentor Breakfast

Our last mentor training in December is always an event to look forward to since we get to bless our mentors to a delicious breakfast and have a great time of fellowship discussing how the year has grown TPH. We were able to honor a few of our mentors this year with awards and wish we could have done it for all of them! We are so thankful for the passion and effort our mentors put into their relationships with their mentees. Without our mentors, there would be no TPH. They truly are the heartbeat of what we do.

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