The Staff

Darryll Davis

Executive Director

Darryll Davis, director of The Prisoners Hope, is passionate about making a difference in a seemingly vast ocean of prison population and broken lives. When asked to summarize the Ministry’s work, he shared a favorite story, likening its endeavors to a little boy walking down the beach throwing starfish that had washed up onto the beach back in one at a time.

Selena Coomer

Assistant Director

Selena Coomer experienced childhood trauma which led to her being imprisoned in her mind. She turned to drugs and alcohol for escape, and addiction landed her in a long-term recovery program at the age of 28. When she got sober, she stayed as a peer mentor to help those coming behind her. She was brought on as a staff member in 2010 where she began her career as Department of Corrections Coordinator. She helped lay the groundwork for what is now known as Recovery Kentucky, where DOC clients with drug charges can leave prison for long-term recovery, changing the trajectory of their lives. She worked her way up through several leadership positions and gave 11 years of her life to the program that saved hers. Selena found her way to TPH escaping from a short-lived nursing career. She wears many hats at TPH such as grant writing, fundraising, working with directly impacted people, and some legislative work revolving around IDs in the state of Kentucky. Selena volunteers with Smart Justice Advocates and has found passion by bringing those closest to the problem (directly impacted people/advocates) to the people with the power to create solutions. She enjoys working out, traveling, and spending time with her son, family, and friends

Gus Castillo

Marketing and IT Coordinator

Gus Castillo is an atheist-turned-Christian, disciple maker, and blended-family father of nine. Originally from Mexico City, Mexico, he is fluent in Spanish and holds a degree in structural engineering. He is also the owner of a family-owned marketing agency.

In 2006, Gus experienced a radical conversion to Christianity. Since then, he has been passionate about making disciples and winning back those he turned away from God while an atheist. He is also a mentor at The Prisoner’s Hope, a ministry that serves incarcerated men and their families. In addition to his mentoring role, Gus also helps with marketing and IT needs at The Prisoner’s Hope.

Glenda Wagner

Mentor and Mentee Case Manager

Married 48 years to college sweetheart, Gary- mother of two grown men, and one bonus daughter, and grandmother to three. Previously worked in sales and training for 30 years with Tupperware Home Parties and then 10 years at Baptist Milestone teaching wellness and active living. She came to TPH in 2019 as an active life coach, wanting to give back after receiving help for a family member. Since then, she has remained as Case Manager of Mentors/ Mentees. Glenda’s passions include: love of people,family, friends, traveling, and attending grandchildren’s sporting events.

Jo Anne Britt

Office Manager

My name is Jo Ann Britt. I am the mother of Brad Britt who has been a mentee with The Prisoners Hope since 2015. Throughout the years TPH has worked with many of my own family members. After enough years – I finally began in a mentoring role in 2020. I retired this year (2023) from my job with a CPA firm where I worked as a bookkeeper and payroll clerk. I started working for The Prisoners Hope as Office Manager in February of 2023. Working with this ministry is such a great passion of mine. I Love the culture and people here and I Love what they do. I just want to help any way that I can and to help bring people to Love Jesus.

Ruby McCleskey

APRN – Marriage & Family Therapist
Licensed as an Advanced Practice Reg Nurse (Mental Health) and licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with 49 years of experience working with adults, children, families, and Communities in the field of Psychotherapy. Whether you are struggling with anxiety, depression, anger, current or post-traumatic experiences, relationship problems, grief & loss, adjustment disorder of any other human experience for which you need support, healing, and encouragement, you have come to the right place.