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"This (recidivism) is one of the most important social issues of our time," said Marilyn Flynn, Dean of the USC School of Social Work. At The Prisoners Hope, we agree with Ms. Flynn - what we will call "The Recidivism Effect" impacts every one of us in society. In other words, recidivism is personal. None of us are so insulated from the consequences of someone's criminal act that we can say it has no effect on me. The truth is, if we (society) do not address the causes of recidivism, the effects of this cycle of failure will continue wreaking havoc on our already overburdened prison system, on families (especially children of the recidivist – approximately 135,000 KY children), on our communities (safety, home values, schools) and on taxpayers who bear the costs of incarceration (social services for the families + nearly $24,000/yr. per incarcerated person) and increased pressure on law enforcement resources. We believe that grace is greater. We believe every person should have a chance for redemption. We believe every child should have the hope of a bright future. We believe everyone in society has a hand in making this a reality. We invite you to join us in our journey. Pray for us, volunteer and work with us, donate financially to The Prisoners Hope. Our combined efforts will make a difference.
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