Grounds for Hope Coffee: Nicaraguan

"Rain forest Alliance Certified"
The coffees of Nicaragua are characteristic of Central American coffees in general, though typically milder in acidity than most other Central American coffees. Nicaragua coffee is wet processed (washed). Most coffee trees are organically grown due to a lack of infrastructure and funds in the regions.

The coffees from Matagalpa & Jinotega are some of the finest offered from Nicaragua. We feature coop collectives from these sparkling coffee growing regions.

A Bourbon varietal, medium and smooth body, distinct but mild acidity, our Nicaraguan beans provide rich and subtle flavors, balanced sweetness, a nutty bouquet, with fine notes of vanilla. This coffee displays a mild fruity brightness with high toned characteristics that may come across as citrus or floral. These amazing mild flavors may also include vanilla, pear, chocolate, and pie crust.

Altitude grown: 1100-1600 meters
Roast: Medium-Dark (46-50 ag)
Your purchase brings hope.
Grounds for Hope Coffee was conceived to bless our community. Profit from sales will go to benefit The Prisoners Hope whose work helps restore those affected by incarceration, especially the children. People working together towards a brighter future for all of us. We like to say it is Really Good Coffee supporting a Higher Purpose.
The Prisoners Hope