General Resources

The Prisoner’s Hope has almost 10 years of experience and acquired research pertaining to the process of pre-incarceration, incarceration, and post-incarceration, especially in the state of Kentucky. This journey can be an emotionally draining time, so we have happily done the work for you so you don’t have to. Now, you can find those resources below.

KY Reentry Resources Doc

Reentry into society can be the hardest part in a former inmate’s journey. Here, you can find the Kentucky Reentry Resources document equipping you, or someone you love, with important information regarding food, jobs, transportation, housing, mental health, and more.

Triage Resource Center

What is Triage?

Triage is defined as:

The Preliminary assessment of patients or casualties in order to determine the urgency of their need for treatment and nature of treatment required.

When possible, TPH has performed triage in the homes of those that have had a family member taken into incarceration and awaiting trial.

Triage is the assessment of the following areas:

  • Financial ability to sustain the current space they are renting, leasing or purchasing.
  • Navigating the legal system and what options may be before the family involved.
  • Immediate needs such as food, transportation, etc.
  • The welfare of the children left behind: counseling and processing the crises.
  • Strategizing for future steps and what lies ahead.
  • Employment, income, savings, sustainability.


The journey of incarceration can be a long one for a prisoner and their family, but many have chosen The Prisoner’s Hope to be their guiding light, sparked by the hope in Jesus Christ.

Take a look and a listen to the videos below by The Prisoner’s Hope, formerly known as “Proclamation of the Word”, to catch a glimpse of the fulfilling work we do here at TPH.